Leonetti & Matarazzo

Our Physical Commodities Trading Division

Leonetti & Matarazzo Limited trades in physical commodities and, specifically, in oil & gas and natural resources. The Firm operate either by trading or brokering. All trades are initially identified, vetted and developed by our Chief Corporate Development Officer and then, subsequently, negotiated and finalised by our Chief Trading Officer.

Our Supply

The Firm holds allocations, is registered or has agreements with the world’s largest National oil producers and with privately owned refineries that guarantee timely and consistent delivery of products. By acquiring directly from the producers L&M can competitively offer these commodities on the world trading markets.

Our Offers

L&M offers full verification and validation of all its allocations before any financial instruments are ever required and only operates through the best financial institutions to guarantee unquestioned protection to the trade.

Our Model and Our Pledge

L&M brokers transactions with principals which reliability and capacity has been proven and verified. The firm first understands, then verifies and finally matches reliable principals’ products/finances to their required conditions, prices, and procedures. L&M matches offer and demand following its 4 steps brokering model:


Our Established Transaction Practices

L&M accepts and entertains only logic and simple procedures established in over 300 years of trading and does without all sorts of proof and/or other conjectures. Our Firm tenders and requires only quotes, offers, orders, contracts and bankable securities. Period.

The only reliable indication (not proof) that a transaction will complete successfully is a procedure that requests and offers underlying bankable securities, from both (*) sides, at the appropriate time. Seller issues a SWIFT MT760 security, bank Performance Guarantee or Performance Bond and buyer offers SWIFT securities, MT700 documentary credit or MT760 standby letters of credit, bank guarantees, etc.
(*) Unless an oil major or a reliable producer are involved, in which case no security is necessary.

L&M pledges to follow good business practice with this simple schedule:


Invitation to tender (informal offer)


Invitation to tender (informal enquiry)

Request for Quote (RFQ)
Purchase Order
Draft Contract
Sign contract (Sales Purchase Agreement or SPA)
Bankable security to buyer MT760 Performance Bond / Bank Performance Guarantee or, preferably, Late Delivery Discount (LDD) Bankable security to seller MT760 or MT700 before loading or before production (*)
Delivery of commodity and title transfer